E C D - Majorized Minor Progression - 150 bpm

by ShredMentor



In the E minor scale, one of the most common chord progressions is the VI - VII - i (C - D - Em). In this track, the E minor chord is replaced with an E MAJOR, leading to all kinds of really cool sounds.... which come with a challenge: keeping 2 different scales in mind and switching at the right time!

So the trick is basically to play in E major during the E chord, but then switch to the E minor scale during the C and D chords.

Another cool thing about this track is that it features DYNAMICS! So you can also practice playing more laid back and switching to a louder, fuller, more distorted/boosted sound when the heavy part kicks in, and really develop the overall dynamics of your playing.


released April 11, 2017
All instruments, drum programming, mixing and mastering by Jason Aaron Wood.



all rights reserved