A Major Progressive Metal Progression - I III IV iv - 99 bpm

by ShredMentor



If you've got some basic theory under your belt (or if you want to start applying more advanced theory) and you're ready to start juggling multiple scales throughout a single progression, this is the perfect progression for you!

While the key signature is A MAJOR, the chord immediately following that is a C# MAJOR, borrowing from the harmonic minor variant of A MAJOR's relative minor, F# MINOR. So substituting an E natural with an F natural during this chord is vital for getting the right sound.

Ascending a semitone from there, it's followed by a D MAJOR chord, during which you can play either F# minor (which IS A major) or F# harmonic minor - both scales work equally well.

For the final chord, we then shift to a D MINOR - this is where you'll want to play off of the A HARMONIC MAJOR scale. That is, A major, with a flat 6th (so use an F natural instead of an F#). Of course, you COULD technically just play a D minor scale at this point but it will be a somewhat different sound.

Although it's in a different key, you may recognize this chord progression from Radiohead's hit "Creep" (which is in G major).


released April 11, 2017
All instruments, drum programming, mixing and mastering by Jason Aaron Wood.



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